Most divorces take place in...

Which month of the year do you think sees the most divorces being filed?

If you said January, you're correct.

What an awful way to start the year, right?

I can only surmise that married couples refrain from filing for divorce in November or December so as to avoid disrupting the holidays for their family. You can only imagine how painful that would be for them, especially if kids are in the picture.

I, myself, witnessed my parents getting divorced when I was only 3. The whole child support/visitation thing was really rough. Sometimes I felt like a piece of property being sent back and forth between two households via FedEx.

Though I'm not sure whether they officially got divorced in January, I'm certain it didn't take place over the holidays.

I suppose some couples who take this huge step in January see it as paving the way for a great year instead of a bad one, especially if the marriage is so tumultuous that both parties couldn't get out of it fast enough. If only one party wishes to cut the cord, however, the other person is in for a rough stretch.

Ultimately, the best outcome is for both individuals to mend fences during the holiday season. Though that sounds like it could make a great Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, it isn't always realistic.

Does it surprise you that January is divorce month? Have you seen anyone get divorced in January?

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