Know what day today is?

It's hard to believe today marks the start of autumn.

This conjures up images of yellow and orange leaves blanketing yards and streets, oversized pumpkins, smiling scarecrows, costumed trick-or-treaters, and, though a little further into fall, scrumptious turkey and stuffing.

Late September also signals the time of year I find to go by the quickest -- hands down. Between holidays, end-of-year celebrations, and other special occasions, these final three months fly by in a heartbeat.

And that's to be expected. We're busier than we would be earlier in the year, doing everything from shopping for decorations and cooking holiday meals to taking vacations and closing out year-end budgets at work.

Whether you welcome such hustle and bustle depends largely on your personality, lifestyle, and temperament. Though I love spending time with the family, I prefer the slower, more relaxed pace characteristic of the times of year that don't see as many holidays.

You're also more likely to appreciate the breakneck pace of the final months of the year if you have kids, as most of the holidays that fall in these latter months are more family oriented.

If there's one thing I'm happy to receive this time of year, it's cooler weather. I'm certainly ready to kiss the scorching summer heat goodbye and enjoy cooler temperatures that are sure to put us in the holiday spirit.

While most people would say they prefer winter to fall, there's no question that autumn has come to be synonymous with the closing of the year -- except for children, perhaps, who commenced the new school year roughly a month ago.

Do you enjoy autumn? Why or why not?

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