Would you find this cool or weird?

Mashable.com recently published an article about a guy who made an unexpected find while traveling near Santa Cristina, Italy.

It is there that he stumbled upon a familiar sight: the very view that he had set as his picture background on his phone.

The picture is of Langkofel and Plattkofel in the Dolomites mountain range in Northeastern Italy. He says he originally set it as his background picture because he was looking for beautiful towns to visit while in Italy.

Coincidental, isn't it? I can only imagine the guy's reaction upon beholding the mountains in person: "Hey, that looks familiar..."

If you think that's an odd story, you haven't heard about my trip to Walt Disney World one year.

I took a plethora of pictures as I always do while on vacation. Upon close inspection of one of the pictures, I noticed that an old friend from elementary school (who lived in the same city as me at the time) appeared in the background!  I didn't even know she'd been planning a trip to Disney World.

Talk about the odds. Being at the same place, at the same time, as someone who lives in the same city as you do, which is hundreds of miles away. When I told her about the discovery and sent her the picture, she was completely shocked.

My story and that of the traveler to Italy prove it's a small world after all.

Do you have any bizarre stories like these to share?

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