What's great about living in 2016

In many of my posts, I muse about what life must have been like in the 18th century and express a burning desire to travel back to colonial times.

One of the things I can't imagine, though, is living in an era devoid of the technology we've come to rely upon today.

Indeed, the internet has revolutionized the world like nothing else. Who would have imagined we'd be availing of it to do so many things -- from buy groceries and find love to speak with friends and family in different corners of the world?

But the internet wasn't always as vast as it is today, with more than one billion websites. In fact, on August 6, 1991, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee published the first-ever website while working at CERN, a physics lab in Switzerland. Appropriately, the site described the Web and how to use it.

We should feel blessed to live in a time when technology affords us the opportunity to do things our ancestors could only dream of. You can buy virtually anything on the internet, from cars to contact lenses, at the click of a button. Sites like Amazon and eBay put a world of items within our reach, and we don't even have to leave home to get them.

While many would say the world is far more complex than it was in the 18th century, there's no denying that the internet has broken down geographical barriers, saving us a boatload of time in the process. Because it's become so ubiquitous, the internet is something people can take for granted.

Imagine if they told us that the internet would cease to exist tomorrow. Without a doubt, it would have reverberations around the world, sending people from Moscow to Miami into a panic. We've become so reliant on the internet for everything that we couldn't fathom being without it.

Is the internet a key reason why you enjoy living in 2016? Why or why not? 

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