This company is changing the world as we know it

I hadn't even heard of Uber until just a few months ago, when my friend told me he had signed up as a driver to supplement his income.

My wife and I finally used it during our vacation in Boston earlier this month. While we saw the vast majority of the sites and attractions on foot -- mind you, Boston is a very walkable city -- we opted to use the service to travel further distances, e.g., from Boston to Cambridge and back.

Let's just say I came away feeling as if Uber is the best thing since sliced bread.

In case you've never used it, all you have to do is use the Uber app on your phone to indicate where you are and where you want to go. You'll be assigned to the driver nearest you, who will likely arrive in less than 5 minutes. The fare is charged to the credit card you have on file, and you can later rate the driver as well as your overall experience.

Luckily, all our drivers were prompt and friendly, earning them high marks from us.

I'm amazed at how convenient this service really is. Not only do you get to your destination fairly quickly, but you're able to save on gas (despite some of that being offset by the fare). What's more, it's the ideal alternative for someone who isn't in the mood or right frame of mind to drive, especially after having one too many drinks.

Prices are reasonable (usually cheaper than getting a taxi), and you aren't required to tip. What's more, you can rest assured you won't get into the wrong person's car: you'll know the driver's name -- not to mention the make and model of the person's car along with the respective tag number -- in seconds.

I can only imagine the huge hit that taxis across the country have taken because of companies like Uber and Lyft, the latter being Uber's chief competitor with a very similar business model.

Earlier this week, I read that Uber is testing new self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. It's possible those cars will ultimately eliminate the need for human drivers.

That said, whenever I have no interest in driving somewhere -- especially a place that's far out and offers little to nothing in the way of parking, I will gladly pay Uber to do it for me.

Have you ever used Uber? If yes, what was your experience like?  If no, would you open to trying it?

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