Something you MUST do before applying for jobs

Many of my friends have me give their resumes and cover letters a once-over before they apply for any job.

You'd be amazed at how many glaring typos I find on the documents.

It goes without saying that you must proofread your materials before sending them off. Use spell checker to find any spelling mistakes, then print the documents and scan them slowly. If you go too quickly, your eyes will assume everything is error-free -- after all, you've been working on them for quite a while.

Have a more seasoned proofreader look over your stuff if need be.

You might be asking yourself, "Why should I worry so much about spelling and grammar? I'm not applying for a writing position here!"

Even if the actual position requires little to no writing, employers use resumes and cover letters to pre-screen candidates. If they're rife with errors, employers will infer that the candidate is not detail-oriented and will produce sloppy work while on the job. Thus, it serves as an easy way to narrow down the pool of candidates.

In sum, proofreading your resume and cover letter before clicking "Submit" pays big dividends. It scores you a few early points by demonstrating that you're thorough enough to ensure your work is devoid of careless mistakes.

Keep this in mind every time you apply for a job, and good luck!

Do you always proofread your resume and cover letter before applying for jobs?

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