The #1 sign it's time to quit your job

It isn't low pay or long hours, though they most definitely can be contributing factors in one's decision to bolt. At least those issues stand a chance of being resolved with some form of compromise, whether a raise or change of schedule.

But being unable to get along with the boss -- no matter how hard we've tried -- is very difficult to stomach for 40 or more hours each week and the primary reason so many of us leave our jobs.

In fact, many people admit that they leave specifically to get away from that individual; everything else about the job itself could be nearly perfect -- the salary, benefits, coworkers -- but they don't care. The boss has simply become too much to bear.

What makes us reach that breaking point?

It could be that the boss:
  • Disrespects/belittles you
  • Persistently takes you for granted
  • Takes all the credit for your work
  • Prevents you from growing within the department or company
  • Shows favoritism toward others
  • Is a slave driver
  • Is a micromanager
  • Never backs you up
  • Blames you anytime something goes awry
Generally, we tend to look past these things in our first year or two on the job, as we're still trying to make a good impression and figure that perhaps things will get better.

But once we realize that the boss isn't going to change -- though he or she may say otherwise during performance reviews or closed door one-on-one meetings -- our patience begins to thin out, setting the stage for a final confrontation that will likely result in aiming to leave for greener pastures.

If you've exhausted every resource -- from talking to your boss's boss to discussing the situation with HR -- and still haven't gotten results, it's definitely time to start looking. 

Just be sure you don't search for jobs or send out resumes using your computer at work. It's always easier to find a job while you have one, and you don't want to be forced out prematurely. 

Take it from me, who's had more than his fair share of toxic, obnoxious bosses to deal with. If you feel your boss doesn't provide the respect you deserve and opportunities for growth you've been angling for, just look for something else. Don't put your health and sanity at risk. Though they may be few in number, there are actually good bosses out there that people can tolerate working for. 

While there's no guarantee the grass will be greener on the other side, it's worth a shot. You'll never know unless you try!

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