People are ANNOYING when they do this...

I've made what I -- and several others -- consider to be an astute observation: 

Many people become highly obnoxious when they get together with other people -- whether their friends, coworkers, or others they're close to. 

They become looser and less conscious of their surroundings, which often translates into firing off cuss words and lame jokes. Such behavior is only magnified when drinks are involved.

I don't take any issue with people having fun with their friends. It's being so silly as to be annoying -- getting drunk, joining forces to demean others, making fools of themselves -- that gets on my nerves. 

As I've pointed out in prior entries, people tend toward civilized behavior when they're alone because there's no audience to impress. They don't have to worry about channeling someone else's behavior -- being "part of the group" -- because no one else is there.

Thus, when people are alone, they're more vulnerable and mindful of the rules of decorum. They reason that acting like an idiot will work against them because there's no one there to back them up. To make matters worse, they could end up getting laughed at and ostracized. 

It's always easier to look foolish or make a mistake when you have something else to share the shame or blame with. Evidently, not just misery loves company, but guilt, embarrassment, and all sorts of other emotions do too.

I always try to limit my contact with people who become this obnoxious in others' company-- at least until they're by themselves. 

Do you know anyone who's like this?

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