Love isn't only about words. It's about this...

Love isn't just about what you say, but what you do. Because communicating orally is something we can't escape from, our actions should serve to reinforce our words.

Sure, everyone likes to hear an "I love you" thrown their way every so often.

But what good is uttering such words when they're not backed up with substantive action? It's those concrete actions that really give the words meaning.

Far too often, people rely solely on words to placate their partner or get themselves out of arguments.

More likely than not, what leads to those arguments is an absence of action -- one or both partners failing to live up to something they said they would do.

If love were based only on words, people would get away with lying and promising things without intending to deliver in earnest.

It's no wonder relationships start to go downhill when someone is caught in a lie, let alone repeatedly.

If you don't trust your partner -- if you don't feel confident that he or she will be there for you when it counts the most -- the relationship is doomed to failure.

Trust, communication, and actions in support of words -- however heartfelt and genuine those words may seem -- are the lifeblood of a relationship.

It should be everyone's goal to find a partner who they know will follow through on their words and promises. It's my hope that you've already found that person. If not, don't despair -- he or she is out there!

Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to tell whether someone is a man or woman of their word upon first meeting them.

Everyone tries to put their best foot forward during the so-called honeymoon phase, making character flaws difficult to pick up on.

If you later discover that the person isn't who you thought they were, it's best to end the relationship and find someone who will respect you enough to deliver on their words.

Sweet talkers are great. But it's those who consistently back up words with action that are true keepers. Indeed, empty words and false promises do nothing but hasten the demise of the relationship.

And while actions may speak louder than words, a successful relationship requires that both work in tandem.

Have you ever broken up with someone because he or she failed to honor their promises?

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