What's in the water? Everyone's getting pregnant!

Several of my high school colleagues are popping out babies as if it were a competition. Even a good number of my co-workers have a bun in the oven. I've never seen so many pregnant women at the same time. There must be something in the water!

This is in stark contrast to all the reports I come across about the birthrate going down and how people are waiting longer to start a family.

My wife and I definitely fall into such a group. We want to spend a couple more years traveling and enjoying our marriage before we contemplate having one of our own. Indeed, having kids is a life changer, and for the time being at least, we're trying to make the most out of living sans children.

A friend and ex co-worker of mine, who had her daughter 14 months ago, told me a few weeks back that raising a child is far more taxing than she'd ever imagined. To my surprise, she sent me a text about two weeks ago inviting me to yet another baby shower -- this time for a boy that's due in October!

Many of these women admit that the pregnancy caught them by surprise. They weren't necessarily planning to have the kid -- it just happened.

Hopefully, couples who are more cavalier about having kids are prepared for what lies ahead -- physically, mentally, and financially. Everyone tells me the same thing: Having kids is not for the weak at heart. Both parents have to put in loads of work, time, and sacrifice, and their wants and needs take a back seat to those of the child.

There's a humorous meme on Facebook that says the following:

"Everyone is having babies and I'm here like, 'What country should I travel to next?'"

While I only travel within the U.S., the meme is fitting, especially in this stage of my life. That might very well change in a couple of years. Until then, though, my wife and I will continue to broaden our horizons!

Do you know many people who are pregnant?

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