Being Self-Sufficient: The Ultimate High

There's no better feeling in the world than being self-sufficient.

Does that mean being able to pay your bills, file your taxes, fix a faucet leak, buy property, and do virtually anything else without anyone's assistance? Not quite.

As great as that sounds, let's face it -- not all of us are handy or conversant with all things finance.

We need other people's help for certain things about which we have little knowledge and/or would rather pay others to do for us.

What's more, those of us who are parents rely on our partner to help out with the kids, among other parental duties.

When I say self-sufficient, I'm talking about everyday things that require no real expertise.

I've spoken to people at work who admit they don't set foot in a mall unless a friend or family member is there to help them pick out clothes. Others say they refuse to hit the gym unless they have a gym buddy with them. Still others won't buy food at a restaurant unless they're being accompanied and have someone to share the food with!

What ever happened to the notion of autonomy? Self-reliance? Can we not enjoy things anymore unless we do it in pairs?

It seems these individuals are either afraid to be alone or feel going anywhere is not worthwhile unless someone else tags along.

I find it appalling that some people can't find ways to enjoy their own company. Is it really necessary to depend on others to carry out even the most mundane tasks?

While I might ask others for tips, it doesn't mean I need them there with me to do everything.

Honestly, I place a high premium on alone time -- something that often seems hard to come by. At work, I have to hear and interact with people -- some very obnoxious -- all day. And then I come home to a chatty wife whose inability to turn off the TV means there's very little quiet to relish.

If I don't have some time for myself to read a book, listen to my music, or simply savor the gentle breeze on my balcony, I can't function properly. Put simply, I need time away from people every so often for my own sanity.

There's a lot to be said for self-sufficiency in a world that extols the merits of doing everything in pairs or groups. To me, the ability to be self-sufficient is one that should never be taken for granted and deserves a more prominent place in media coverage --not to mention our everyday conversations.

Others constantly enter and leave your life all the time. The only constant -- the one you should rely upon, without question -- is you.

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