SHOCKING: Some people want to be like Trump

You'd be surprised to know that some people actually admire -- and would love to emulate -- Donald Trump's personality.

They say they wish they could speak their minds with no hesitation like he does.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that Trump is the most bombastic, outspoken, and extroverted person I have ever seen on television. I'm sure most of you would second that statement.

Interestingly, he appears a lot more composed -- almost slightly reserved -- in interviews with David Letterman and other TV personalities in the 80s and 90s. (You can find plenty of these on YouTube.) If you ask me, he looks and acts far more presidential in these clips than he does now.

It seems he's gradually evolved into an irascible, unfiltered man who can't get enough of the spotlight.

Scores of people are united in their contempt for the real estate mogul-turned-presidential-candidate, but some actually embrace his fiery, no-nonsense temperament. Among the latter are shy introverts who wish they could have some of Trump's backbone.

To these people I ask the following: While it's fine to want to improve your social skills, why aspire to be like someone else -- let alone one who far too often thinks before he speaks?

As I've stressed repeatedly on this blog, you should always be yourself.

There's no denying that Donald Trump is smart and self-confident. By all accounts, he's one of the country's biggest success stories, taking a $1 million loan and building a real estate empire. Most of all, he's one of the most entertaining people I've ever watched on TV. (Yes, I've watched every season of Celebrity Apprentice.) But entertaining doesn't necessarily translate into presidential.

Luckily, however, we don't have to blaze the same trail in order to attain success. In other words, we don't have to be overly brash like Trump in order to earn people's respect and gain recognition for our work.

I take exception to many of the disparaging remarks he's made towards women, politicians, and other groups. I firmly believe that you don't have to cut people down in order to get your point across.

If you look up to Trump and wish to be more like him, that's your prerogative. Just know that you can aspire to a greater you without having to take on someone else's demeanor, beliefs, or mannerisms -- especially those that run counter to your own personality.

Does it surprise you that some people want to be like someone as pompous as Trump?

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