NEVER fall into this dating trap!

Many people get into the habit of falling for people who are already married or in a relationship.

When asked why they repeatedly pursue people who are unavailable, they say the thrill of chasing after the forbidden -- angling for what they know they can't have -- is too irresistible to suppress.

But becoming a homewrecker can have dire consequences. For starters, you're coming between a person and his or her partner, who may even have children together.

Studies show that infidelity can cause irreparable damage to a marriage or relationship, with the fallout spilling into home life and even one's career.

If a person has that much of a penchant for chasing after the unobtainable, it raises serious questions about the individual:

  • Why not pursue people who are available?
  • Has a lack of self-esteem or other psychological issue convinced the person that he or she isn't deserving of single suitors?
  • Is the person a commitmentphobe? Does he or she simply want to have fun and bounce from one person to the next?
  • Has the person been cheated on in the past and is now doing this as a form of retribution?
Indeed, such behavior calls into question a person's motives. Some people, especially very attractive ones, are used to being fawned over and asked out all the time. 

They grow so tired of the routine that they decide to seek out a bigger challenge: prying a man or woman from his partner.

They reason that his or her being married or in a relationship proves someone has already given their seal of approval, and it entices these individuals to find out why. 

Many people report being checked out and flirted with more once they're spoken for than when they were still in the dating market. 

That alone is a testament to the reality that there's an ever-expanding group of people out there on the prowl for unavailable men and women. 

Even if they do succeed at snatching these people from their partners (which hardly ever happens, because people usually want to keep  what makes them think they themselves won't be cheated on later on? What comes around goes around. 

If you find yourself drawn to someone who's married or in a relationship, you're better off steering clear. With so many available fish in the sea, it's just not worth the pain and aggravation. 

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