Here's the secret to a GREAT life...

Many of us often complain of our lives being boring and routine. Every day seems to be a carbon copy of the last. There just isn't anything exciting going on.

You probe into why your life seems so mundane but can't seem to come up with a definitive answer. Well, I'm here to tell you what exactly causes you to to get in such a rut.


More likely than not, the reason your life seems so vanilla is because you're not giving yourself enough things to look forward to.

There's really nothing more exciting than anticipating and readying ourselves for an event or change.

Just last night, my wife and I booked a flight to Boston. We plan to stay there for a week next month, and I couldn't be more ecstatic. I'm greatly looking forward to soaking up all the history the city has to offer. Among the items on my tentative itinerary are the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, and Harvard.

Honestly, I had been feeling that my life needed something of a boost of late, and I realized it was because there was really nothing to look forward to on my agenda. It's amazing how quickly planning a trip can change that sentiment. Now I feel motivated, engaged, excited.

But there are so many things you can look forward to besides vacations. Maybe you can sign up for dancing or scuba diving lessons. How about enrolling in a course to learn a new language? What about getting a new car, finding a new job, or hitting up a dating site in hopes of landing a partner?

When we have something to look forward to, it's a lot more difficult to feel bored, listless, or uninspired. My friend told me he felt this way recently, and when I told him to focus on his goals -- including setting up a music studio at home -- he said it helped shake off that nagging feeling of nothingness.

In the end, it's those things that give us a sense of purpose that truly help us feel alive and make it easier to get up every day.

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