Christmas in July?

Moments ago, I was flipping through the channels and noticed that the Hallmark Channel is airing a spate of Christmas-themed shows and movies as part of its "Christmas in July" special.

I'm not sure what to make of this.

On the one hand, the holiday season is a special if short-lived time of year, so I can see why the network would want to do something like this. Christmas shows and movies are of the feel-good variety -- not only are they ideal to watch with the family, but they build anticipation for the actual holiday season, which is a mere five months away. I wouldn't be surprised if the Hallmark Channel got a major ratings boost from this endeavor.

Yet, it feels a little awkward to be watching Christmas-based programming when it's 90 degrees outside and there's nary a Christmas tree or wreath in sight. I can imagine it being like celebrating Valentine's Day in September or the Fourth of July in March. Understandably, some kids might not want to watch the channel, or they might be taken aback by said content; after all, as far as they know, Santa doesn't come around this time of year.

November and December will be here before we know it. While it can be fun to see lights, snow, Christmas trees and all the other trappings of Christmas being presented in these shows and films, I'd much rather wait a couple of months for the real deal. At that point, I feel they'll serve to get us into the Christmas spirit even more.

What's your take? Have you seen any other channels celebrating Christmas in the summer?

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Anonymous said...

When I was young we celebrated Christmas in July at summer camp . It was about making a craft , a bracelet or bookmark and making some sort of homemade gift wrap out of recycled paper and giving it to someone else. That was all . We needed silly ideas to keep us amused at camp so that was it. Christmas in July can't really keep up with this Pokemon craze anyway ! lol.. but we never chose to watch Christmas videos outside of the Christmas season because they would be more fun to watch in December if we hadn't seen them for a year or 2.