Why many women are SKIPPING marriage

Studies show that far more women are skipping marriage today than was the case two, even three decades ago. Plus, what many women are saying on social media regarding the perils of tying the knot corroborates these findings.

This morning, I was sifting through posts on the Facebook page for Psychology Today. One of them posed an intriguing question: Do women these days still find great value in getting married?

Judging from the comments to the post, many of them do not. One woman stated plainly that after dating several non-committal men, she's grown tired of pushing marriage on these guys with nothing to show for it. Another said that she refuses to take the plunge again after being cheated on by two of her husbands. Still another admitted that she's never wanted to be tied down, instead valuing the flexibility of singlehood.

For many women, the perks of being married -- like additional tax and insurance benefits -- just aren't sufficient to offset the problems that a failing marriage might bring. This especially applies to those who are well off and don't need a man's income to help pay the bills.

Further souring women on marriage is another sobering reality: They initiate divorces far more than men do. And if children are in the picture, parents can become embroiled in a drawn-out custody and visitation battle.

Moreover, some women assert that marriage, even in this day and age, continues to lock couples into stereotypical gender roles. Many men expect their wives to be stay-at-home moms, at least until the kid reaches a certain age. What's more, women continue to shoulder the lion's share of household chores -- from cooking to cleaning.

Despite the overwhelming societal pressure to get married, some women are choosing to keep their options open. Even those who still wish to get married eventually are waiting longer to do so.

With the divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, I can't blame them for being cautious.

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