Why do so many people hate cold weather?

I've always wondered why so many people have an aversion to cold weather.

Mind you, I live in South Florida, where it can feel like summer year-round (with exception to a couple of days a year in which the temperature dips into the 30s and 40s as a result of a cold front).

The humidity here can be hard to bear. Sometimes it's so bad that I have to keep the temperature in my condo in the low 60s. And when a cold shower won't do, I often take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool.

I find that it's easier to bundle up when I'm cold -- a heater and cup of hot cocoa can do wonders -- than cool off when it's really hot outside. It doesn't help that, unlike most people I know, I get hot easily.

Most of my friends and family members loathe cold weather. They claim to hate hot, humid days just as much, but say they'd choose the latter if they had to pick only one.

I think I was meant to live somewhere that sees snow, which I love to behold and touch, like New York, Boston, or Minneapolis. Since moving is not an option, I'll have to settle for visiting these fine cities for, at least for now.

Because it's never cold in South Florida come Christmas time, it can be challenging to get in the holiday spirit here. What's more, the cold, judging from what friends who live in the northeast tell me, makes for great snuggle weather.

I make every effort to take vacations from November through April, when I'm more likely to experience cold weather in other states.

While South Florida is a mecca for breathtaking beaches, sizzling nightlife, and shopping galore, I'd easily trade those for a few snowy days each year.

Do you like the cold? Why or why not?

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