You WON'T believe what this tipsy guy did...

What would you do if you worked as a waitress at a restaurant and received a $1,000 tip one day? Would you think it was a mistake and try to track down the person who left the exorbitant sum? Or would you pocket the money and go about your business?

Skye Seumptewa found herself in such a conundrum when she opened the ticket book left by a customer and noticed it contained more than $1,000. She assumed right out of the gate that he'd made a blunder, and her suspicions were confirmed when the individual returned the next day to get his money back.

The man was eating at Thailicious, a restaurant in Edgewater, Colorado. The story goes that he ordered a meal and a few glasses of wine at the bar. Shortly after he made his way out of the restaurant, Seumptewa noticed the wad of bills left inside.

Some of the restaurant employees got excited, recalling stories of people who have left generous tips at restaurants. Even so, it seemed a tad too generous; the employees agreed that the tips they'd heard about in the news ranged from $100 to $500.

The customer returned the next day in search of his money and admitted he was a little drunk when he left the original tip. It appears he may have thought the 20 bills were all singles. He seemed relieved at discovering that the money had not been lost. He ended giving them a $40 tip instead. The co-owners of the restaurant, a married couple, said they opted to give the money back because they're firm believers in karma. They didn't feel it was right to keep something they were convinced wasn't theirs.

If I were in Seumptewa's shoes, I probably would have done the same exact thing. One thing is to leave at tip of $100 dollars, another is to discover a whopping $1,000. Even if the money were found, say, around the holidays, I'd be hard-pressed to believe that a person could be that benevolent. A $1,000 donation to a charity or other cause, however, seems reasonable.

What would you have done if you were in Seumptewa's shoes? Would you be skeptical or think someone could be that giving?

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