Here's a secret to winning a man's heart

It isn't being a good cook or a hardcore sports fan, though those things definitely help.

A secret to winning a man's heart is to be supportive of his decisions, whether they involve his health, appearance, education, or career.

Among the many things a man seeks in a woman is encouragement. He wants a partner who will encourage him to follow his dreams, no matter how outlandish they may seem at first. Even if you find his plan to leave the medical field and become a professor preposterous, for example, don't lambast him for it. Hear him out and see what he has to say. His reasons for wanting to make the switch may be totally valid.

Every man desires a woman he can confide in -- someone who inspires him to reach for the stars, not shoots down his every aspiration.

If you take exception to all or most of his plans, you can rest assured he'll come to one conclusion: you are not the person he sees himself having a future with. In the end, men want someone who believe in them. Without his partner's support, he simply won't get very far.

You may not agree with certain decisions, and that's to be expected. Some men get in the habit of making ill-advised choices, like gambling away their money at the casino and drinking while driving. This kind of reckless behavior should never be tolerated.

The goals I'm referring to are of the kind that may seem lofty on the surface, but that a person can achieve if they set truly their heart and mind to it.

Men view their partner as a rock of support. The quickest way to eroding his trust in and respect for you is to knock his ambitions, however far-fetched they may appear. Indeed, hurting a man's feelings won't score you any points whatsoever.

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