RIDICULOUS: Some people dump their partner for THIS...

According to a new study, some people dump their significant other due to -- drumroll please -- excessive snoring!

These participants cited lack of sleep and seeing snoring as a "turn-off" as reasons they wanted to call it quits.

What I'd like to know is the extent to which these people tried to resolve the issue before breaking up with their partner. Did they try nose strips? Sleeping in separate rooms for a while? Having a doctor weigh in?

I think snoring, no matter how annoying, is a poor excuse for ending a serious relationship, especially one that could potentially lead to marriage. There must have been other problems in the relationship to compel these people to take such a drastic step, like infidelity or financial woes.

My wife snores quite often, and I can't imagine ending our marriage over this petty an issue. I think any person who sees snoring as grounds for a break-up has serious issues.

What's your opinion? Would you dump your partner over something this innocuous?

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