SHOCKING: People are doing THIS on Facebook

In case you're new to Facebook or you don't really use it for anything other than to look at others' profiles, it has a feature called "checking in." When you check in, Facebook tracks down your location via your phone or computer's GPS and lets you indicate what venue you're currently at -- whether it's a restaurant, store, or concert. Your Facebook friends will receive an alert to that end on their News Feed.

I hardly ever check in; I only do so when I know it'll likely lead to a compelling conversation of some sort. For example, many of my friends are movie buffs like me. If I check in saying I'm watching a popular movie at the local theater, chances are they'll reply with their opinion of the movie, assuming they've already seen it. When I check in at the ballpark, my baseball buddies will chime in saying they're watching the game at home, and we'll go back and forth as the game wears on.

Unfortunately, I've noticed that many people go overboard with this check-in capability. One of my Facebook friends checks in every time she's in the hospital. Another checked in right before walking down the aisle on her wedding day. Even worse, one friend checked in from her house, her address listed for all to see!

People need to put away their phones for a change. For those at, say, a concert, just enjoy the event and forget about your Facebook friends for the time being -- you can always talk to them about it later. For those in the hospital, your health -- or that of whoever had to be admitted -- should be your primary concern. Even your closest friends have no business knowing precisely where you are. If you want them to join you, all you have to do is call them.

One can see the risks posed by the check-in feature. If information on your whereabouts gets into the wrong hands, it can lead to a world of trouble. It's best to use caution when making such sensitive details public.

Do you know anyone who checks in from different places on Facebook? How do you feel about it?

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Anonymous said...

Posting a check in at the hospital saved me 300 phone calls notifying friends, family and stalkers that I had emergency surgery.

How to Understand People said...

You make a great point! Thanks for sharing. Hope your surgery went well.