Our co-workers do this, and it's ANNOYING

I've noticed that every time I request a couple of days off, one of my co-workers immediately asks, "So where are you going?"

They assume that if a person plans to be out for three or four days, they must be planning a vacation.

While that's always a possibility, what happened to requesting time off just to relax? I've done this on several occasions over the years.

Reality check: Some of us actually like using the free time to:

  •  Sleep in
  •  Binge-watch Netflix in our underwear or  pajamas
  •  Catch up on our reading
  •  Watch a movie at the local theater
  •  Hit up a nearby beach
  •  Do things around the house, like clean,  organize, or renovate
Traveling can be fun, but it can also be awfully draining. Between planning, packing, walking, and hailing cabs, it can often feel like work in itself. In other words, people sometimes take time off to travel and end up feeling as tired -- if not more so -- when they come back home than if they had gone to work all those days. 

I always make sure to request the day after I return home from my trip. It sounds counterintuitive, but I need to recharge following the hustle and bustle characteristic of most vacations. 

Staying home all that time -- what some people might call a "staycation" -- can be as satisfying as, say, a cruise to the Bahamas or a trip to Las Vegas. It all depends on what you want to get out of that time off.

It's just another example of people making faulty assumptions in the absence of information.

Has this ever happened to you? 


Regina Czyzydlo said...

yes definitely :) but it's up to us to say we're just doing reading and sleeping. Its a bit annoying that we will be asked the same question about 10 times and have to say that we're not going anywhere to 10 different people and at the end of it I start thinking I'm a very boring person and maybe I should really go for a trip or something !

How to Understand People said...

I completely agree, Regina! It's so annoying! Thanks for your reply!

Anonymous said...

It's none of anybody's business why you are taking time off.