One of the most ANNOYING habits people have...

When it comes to the many annoying habits people have, there's one that tops the list, or comes close to it: chewing with one's mouth open.

Ugh!  Were these people not taught manners?

I don't care if I'm on a date, in a meeting at work, or at a friend's party. When I see people chomping on chips or chewing gum with an open mouth, it not only annoys me to no end, but makes me want to exhort them to quit it.

I realize not everyone is conscious of when they're doing this. That's why the best solution is usually to point it out respectfully, though it doesn't mean they'll kick the habit immediately.

Sometimes it takes having a couple of people voice their annoyance for the culprit to put the kibosh on the behavior. The impact is magnified when a complaint is issued by one's boss, a hot date, or someone else whose acceptance is highly valued. If no one makes a peep, however, the offender will carry on with this most irritating quirk.

If a girl were to do this while we're on a date, I'd probably cut her loose after the night. If a prospective applicant were to do this on a business lunch, I'd likely give the job to someone else. Good manners and hygiene figure prominently in first impressions. Chewing with your mouth open conveys to others that a person is uncouth.

Have you chewed with your mouth open and witnessed someone point it out? Or, do you have friends or family who do this?

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