Why you should NEVER take back a cheater

Taking back a cheating spouse or partner is a recipe for utter disaster.

I'm not saying you can't forgive the person. I'm all for remaining friends, too, provided the person who was cheated on feels comfortable with it.

But cheating represents such a flagrant breach of trust that the person shouldn't get a second shot at anything more than friendship, although infidelity precludes that possibility as well in most cases -- and rightfully so.

If you do your very best to remain faithful, why can't your partner do the same? What makes you think he or she won't do it again?

Many of us get the opportunity to cheat on our partner with an attractive friend, coworker, or acquaintance who makes an obvious pass at us.

But we thwart the person's advances out of a deep level of loyalty to the person we love. The risk of throwing everything down the drain for a night of lusty fun just isn't worth it. Not only will you be wracked with guilt later on, but other undesirable outcomes may rear their ugly heads, from STDs to pregnancy.

We should always live by the golden rule: "Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you."

If you reach the point where you even entertain the idea of cheating on your partner, it's time to call the relationship quits. That way, you spare your partner a world of pain. There's nothing worse than catching the other person in the act.

Cheating is a loathsome form of betrayal. If my wife cheated on me, I would never take her back -- whether we've been married for 2 years or 20. I would forgive her, but I'd never be able to trust her again. She echoes those very sentiments, assuming it were the other way around.

If you're sure that you are with the right person -- and you genuinely love and appreciate that individual, flaws and all -- cheating should not even cross your mind.


Anonymous said...

A good small piece of useful tips in life.

How to Understand People said...

Thanks, kfri! I really appreciate it!

How to Understand People said...

Thanks, kfri! I really appreciate it!