Smart is SEXY

Book smart. Street smart. Business smart. Handy smart.

No matter what type of intelligence we're talking about, it's downright sexy. And the sexiness is amplified tenfold when the person exudes self-confidence doing or discussing what he or she is good at, whether it's fixing cars, negotiating sales deals, or talking politics. 

Let's be honest. No one -- at least not anyone I know -- would be attracted to someone as dumb as a rock. Most of us desire a partner who is articulate and able to defend his or her viewpoints -- at least on some matter or subject about which the person is passionate. 

It's impossible for us to be experts at everything. A math whiz probably won't be the best writer. A masterful cook might not be able to draw or paint to save his life. A skilled athlete might struggle to hammer a nail into the wall.

But no one said sexiness meant being a jack of all trades. Actually, it's far sexier to be adept in one specific area than sub-par in several others. 

Even if a person doesn't consider himself deft at anything in particular, we all have something we bring to the table. Maybe the person has a sharp fashion sense, can contort like no one you've seen before, or possesses a photographic memory. 

Whatever your best attributes are, don't be afraid to showcase them, especially if you're on the dating market. There's no question that being smart is held in high regard. Is it any wonder that wearing glasses has suddenly become a fashion statement?

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