Long distance relationships: Hard but possible

I know several people who are currently in a long distance relationship, including my co-worker Betty. While she admits that it has its challenges, she and her boyfriend are finding ways to make it work.

The toughest part of a long distance relationship is the lack of physical closeness. Everyone wants to cuddle with their significant other while watching a movie, for example. It's nice to have someone to accompany you to dinners and social functions. Not being able to grab the person's hand and exchange hugs and kisses with them -- especially during life's most trying moments -- can be depressing.

Thankfully, it's easier than ever these days to keep in touch. While phone, Facebook, texting, email, and FaceTime are no substitute for being with someone in person, they let both people stay connected until they can plan their next meeting.

In order for a long distance relationship to work, both people need to put in their fair share -- no ifs or buts about it. That means both take turns calling, IMing, and visiting.

If only one person seems invested, it's the quickest way to derailing the relationship. The one who feels slighted will assume that his partner has found someone else and is giving him the cold shoulder.

If two people truly love each other, they'll make it work. Being hundreds of miles apart shouldn't spell the end of any relationship.

If you're in a long distance relationship and feel like you can't tolerate being apart for so long, you have two options: (1) move where your partner is living (2) call it quits. It isn't fair to lead the other person on.

Many people say they wouldn't be able to be in such a relationship, and that's okay. I know I would struggle mightily in one, as my partner's physical presence matters a great deal to me.

But if you and your partner are doing all you can to sustain a long distance relationship, more power to you. As hard as it may be, don't give up. If you each do your part to make sure that living together uninterrupted becomes a reality someday, it will. If there's a will, there's a way.

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