One of the worst qualities one can have is...

It annoys me to no end when a person has money and yet he still chooses to be stingy.

You know, the kind of person who never gets you a gift on your birthday, or always opts for the cheapest restaurants in town.

One thing is to not spend because you really are strapped for cash, or you're trying to save up for a big life event -- like a wedding or the purchase of a car.

Another is to be thrifty just because you'd rather have a root canal done on you than shell out a buck.

The worst offenders are those who have a lot of money but never donate a cent to charity.

I think people have every right to spend their money as they wish, but there's something to be said for those who use it for good causes.

What's the harm in getting a friend a small birthday gift? Or donating $2 to St. Jude? People who refuse to spend even this much get under my skin.

I could never date a woman or have as a friend someone who seems to care more about their money than their loved ones.

When we die, we can't take the money with us, so what good is being so parsimonious?

Have you ever met someone who is highly frugal?

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