Which of these annoys you more?

Does it annoy you when someone in front of you walks at a snail's pace? How about when you're walking down the stairs and could hear someone on a floor above literally running down the stairs, making you feel as if he'll eventually trample over you?

Both annoy me to no end.

The former is especially irritating when it's a group of people walking slowly, as it makes it even harder to wriggle ahead of them. You would think that by politely saying "excuse me," they'd get the point and out of the way. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. People either ignore you, or are too immersed in conversation to attend to you.

As for the latter, once the person catches up to me, I immediately put on the brakes and let him pass. Feeling as if someone is running behind me full-speed is just unnerving. You wonder, "Who the hell is that?" "Is it Brian in accounting, or a thief trying to make off with 30 grand?"

Similar situations often play out on the road. Most of us have gotten stuck behind someone driving far below the speed limit. Then there are the speedy Gonzalezs who drive at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, constantly switching lanes and narrowly avoiding crashing into other cars.

This demonstrates clearly that one of the most difficult things for people to achieve is balance. If there's something I've observed over the years, it's that extremes are usually bad -- and when the culprit is conscious of what he or she is doing, it shows a lack of respect for other people.

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