The secret to appreciating things and people

The way to truly appreciate the things and people in your life is to imagine yourself without them. Put yourself (mentally) in a position of losing something or someone dear to you, and you'll quickly assign said object more value.

Picture yourself without one or all of these:
  • Your ability to see, hear, speak, or walk
  • Your partner, parent, or close friend
  • A pet you've had in the family for several years
  • Your home or car
Many people fail to consider that there are those who would give anything to have what they take for granted. They're instead focused solely on what they don't have, whether it's a better car or a bigger house.

Unfortunately, it hits people many of us once it's too late -- once a loved one dies or another unexpected event transpires.

Several people have told me that such an exercise really puts things in perspective and makes them less likely to take their blessings for granted in the future.

I invite you to try it out and discuss how it makes you feel in the comments section of the blog, or on Google+.

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