Stripper refuses paid sex...but it gets better

After a stripper refused paid sex at a strip club in Florida, the unsatisfied customer demanded that she be arrested.

I won't bore you with the details, but he paid her $300 expecting far more than she was willing to give. When she made it clear she wasn't going to budge, he demanded his money back, but the stripper refused to give in. A police officer eventually stepped in, and the customer finally stormed off thereafter.

It's really a shame how so many women have to resort to such a lifestyle in order to pay the bills. My friends took me to a strip club for my bachelor party two years ago. Frankly, I felt uncomfortable the whole time I was there, and I felt especially bad for the strippers. The looks on their faces clearly conveyed that they didn't want to be there. They likely feel ashamed having to throw themselves at the beer-guzzling patrons day in and day out.

Why they remain there is anyone's guess, but I hope that these women see and are aiming toward a better life for themselves, even if circumstances prevent them from doing so right now. And if they have children who depend on them, that's all the more reason to rid themselves of the debauchery and lasciviousness that run rampant in their industry.

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