MUST-READ: Never stay in a destructive relationship

You wouldn't stay on a sinking ship, would you? So why stay in a relationship you know is faltering?

Whether your partner is abusive, lazy, or doesn't bother putting in the time and effort he used to, it's probably time to kiss the relationship goodbye.

As I've noted in my prior posts, I encourage people to voice their concerns to their partner before taking this drastic step. A good heart-to-heart where both parties clear the air is essential to the health of the relationship.

But if your partner refuses to change his ways, that's a clear-cut sign it's time to move on.

Sometimes it isn't that your partner has done anything overtly wrong. Rather, you lack chemistry, or both of you have lost the spark that once drew you together. It isn't necessarily anyone's fault, but even in this case, it isn't advisable to remain in a relationship with the person.

You'd be wasting time on each other when there are other people out there for both of you who would be a much better match. It's better to end the relationship before anyone has the urge to be unfaithful.

And if your partner resists ending it once and for all, let him know that you're unhappy and feel it's time for you both to set each other free. Your partner doesn't own you -- he'll have to respect your wishes, as much as he hates to have to do it.

Remaining in a bad relationship results in negative outcomes you'll both want to steer clear of -- from depression and anxiety to low self-esteem.

You owe it to yourselves to strive for a better situation -- a better life. You never know. A good friendship could come out of it, and you'll delight in the other person's happiness -- even if it's something that could not be achieved when the two of you were together.

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