Can perfume and cologne attract the opposite sex?

I don't think we need to consult a research study to conclude with certitude that the answer to this is clearly "yes."

Of course, not all perfumes are created equal. Some are so strong as to seem intrusive, and it doesn't help when people are literally bathed in it.

I receive nothing but high praise when I'm wearing what I deem to be the best of the best cologne, Armani Code. My wife, meanwhile, smells great when she puts on favorites like Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana, Guilty by Gucci, and Heavenly by Victoria's Secret.

It's not to say that by wearing cologne or perfume, you'll attract potential suitors like magnets.

Emitting a pleasant smell is just a small part of the package you offer a potential love interest. Your hygiene, style of dress, intelligence, self-confidence, and value system and other physical and personal attributes figure prominently as well.

If anything, wearing cologne shows that you care about the smell you're giving off to others, much like losing weight demonstrates your interest in staying healthy.

But it needn't be something you only do to get ready for a data. Smelling well is beneficial in a wide range of contexts, whether you're going to a job interview, school, or church.

Everyone's taste in cologne or perfume is obviously subjective, but there's no denying that wearing it can score you points when trying to make a favorable impression on your date, crush, or partner.

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