What's your top career goal?

While some of us may aspire to rise the ranks of our current companies and become VPs or CEOs, others may be thinking about starting our own businesses.

What would you say is your top career goal? It's okay not to have an answer to that question at the moment, as many of us are still on a seemingly neverending quest to determine what our true calling is.

I know mine is writing, which is precisely why I hope to write a book someday. In the meantime, I aim to continue enhancing and pumping more and more content into this blog while securing writing positions of increasing complexity in my copywriting/editing career (i.e., my day job).

And the truth of the matter is that not everyone seeks to be a manager, or is even cut out for it. Some people would rather remain in production-driven roles, where they're truly at their best, than transition into a more strategy-oriented position. And while some people would love to have subordinates, others loathe the thought of people reporting to them. I fall into the latter camp.

What is your top career goal other than to make loads of money, of course)? What steps do you need to take in order to accomplish it?

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