Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, The Grammys

What an eventful couple of days!

Oddly enough, Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year. Even weirder. I think, is the fact that the Grammys are today -- on a Monday, no less! I suppose the awards show was pushed to today because the top brass at the network feared it would pull low ratings if aired on Valentine's Day. After all, staying holed up at home watching the Grammys hardly makes for a romantic evening, right?

And some of us were fortunate enough not to have to work today, which happens to be Presidents Day. What you might not know is that the actual federal holiday is called "Washington's Birthday," after the nation's first president, George Washington. Washington and Abraham Lincoln have birthdays in February, and Presidents Day was coined as a way of honoring all commanders-in-chief. Though most people pay no mind Presidents Day, I can certainly appreciate the occasion given my interest in presidential history. What's more, I think it should take on added significance in 2016 considering we're in an election year.

As for the Grammys, you can expect performances by such heavyweights as Adele; Taylor Swift, who's nominated for seven Grammys this year; and Rihanna, who recently released a new album.

What did you do for Valentine's Day?  Did you have today off? Will you be watching the Grammy's?

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