Smile -- tomorrow is a NEW day!

Going through a funk right now in your life? Don't fret -- we've all been there.

The beauty of it all is that we can always start anew the next day. Each day is a clean slate -- it gives us the opportunity to cancel out whatever hardship we confronted the day before and work toward reversing our fortunes. With a positive mindset, it can happen. Tomorrow offers limitless possibilities.

I remember sinking into a deep depression during the throes of the Great Recession in 2008. News of widespread layoffs dominated the headlines, and I found myself hard-pressed to even find good jobs to apply for. 

But I never gave up. Rather, I constantly reminded myself that tomorrow could be better. The promise of a better tomorrow was my glimmer of hope -- my light at the end of a seemingly endless tunnel. And indeed, after much hard work and persistence, I wound up getting a job.

Each day offers a fresh opportunity to rewrite your life's story. Just because things aren't going smoothly today doesn't mean they can't be tomorrow. Part of navigating life's challenges involves moving along; you can never let adversity paralyze you. Once it does, that's when depression and other negative outcomes can rear their ugly heads. 

Whenever you feel like life has knocked you down, remember the secret weapon in your arsenal: the will and resilience to stand up again tomorrow and face your problems head on. Tell yourself that this too shall pass and that you will triumph. 

Believe in yourself. Stay positive. You can do it.

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