INTERESTING: Have you ever noticed this?

Have you ever noticed that the words "listen" and "silent" are spelled with the same exact letters?

It's fitting that they'd be composed of the same letters considering that you need to remain silent -- if momentarily -- in order to listen to others. Alas, there are far too many Donald Trumps in the world who run their mouths but never stop to listen to what others have to say.

If more people stopped and listened, there would be far less conflict in the world. You can be self-confident without being strident and brash. You can get your point across without interrupting others.

I've advocated for standing up for oneself, but never have I said that you need to be loud and obnoxious to achieve this.

I wish that people would leave their egos at the door and understand that communication is a two-way street. A conversation where one person is hardly allowed to talk isn't much of a conversation at all.

Remember the saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? If you don't want to get cut off in mid-conversation, don't do it to others. If you don't want to be deemed a loudmouth, let others get their fair share of speaking time.

Listening and keeping silent while someone else is talking go hand-in-hand. If, after you alert someone to this pesky habit, they continue to do it, you have every right to cease all communication with the individual.

Choose your company wisely!

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