Double Standard: Fat Men vs. Fat Women

The other day, I happened across an image someone posted on Facebook with the following caption:

"Fat men deal with women's rejection, but fat women expect men to love them for who they are."

Interestingly, most people who responded to the image -- men and women alike -- agreed with the statement.

I'm not sure I concur, though. For one, I've seen plenty of women paired up with guys noticeably heavier than them. The notion that all women reject big men just isn't true, and we should refrain from promulgating blanket statements like this.

What's more, who's to say men don't reject fat women?  One of my friends has vowed never to date -- let alone settle down with -- a fat woman. I know many other guys who echo those very sentiments.

I'm happy to say I married a woman who would be considered overweight or voluptuous by today's standards. Since I've never been one to insist on a perfect physique, she and I have had no issues concerning her weight, though I often stress the advantages of going to the gym regularly.

Both men and women should expect to be loved and appreciated for who they are. Unfortunately, though, things don't always play out this way, especially in relationships where one person is hung up on looks. Let's not forget that most people do put on considerable weight in their 40s and beyond.

And not every fat woman goes only for thin men. I certainly hope heavy-set women aren't turning down similarly heavy men and limiting the field to slim guys. That would be the ultimate from of hypocrisy!

Do you think such a double standard exists?

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