Don't depend on others to do everything

Far too many of us depend on our partner, friends, and relatives to break out of the boredom that comes over us day in and day out. But why?

I'm not saying you can't look to these people occasionally, but really...with all there is to do in the world -- from books to blogging to Netflix to skydiving -- why do so many of us make fun and leisure, in all its incarnations, out to be a shared experience?

I think certain activities and sports like bowling and basketball are indeed more enjoyable when more people are involved.

However, some have taken this to a whole new level. They refuse to go to the gym or watch a movie unless someone accompanies them. It's as if they can't even enjoy a simple workout unless someone else is on hand.

It's either that, or flat-out laziness. Some of us can't be bothered to move a muscle unless someone else is there to provide a nudge. This happens quite frequently in relationships: one partner will rely on the other to get things in motion, whether it's laundry or groceries. Otherwise, weeks will go by with an empty fridge and heaps of clothes nearly touching the ceiling.

If you currently employ this approach, it's time to kick the habit!

Let's be real, folks. Friends come and go. Many of us jump in and out of relationships. We can have a falling out with a family member at any moment.

Depending on other people all the time to cure your boredom and do everyday things is absurd. You get far more done when you rely solely on yourself. And there's no reason to think you can't engross yourself in a good book or movie without someone else being present.

We need to rid ourselves of this herd mentality and of the notion that enjoying something by yourself somehow makes you weird. Some of life's finest moments take place when you're alone. Don't let anyone else make you think otherwise.


Karen V. Poe said...

I, on the other hand, am quite famous for going to dinner with a good book alone, to the movies alone or even for a long drive to blow out the cobwebs. I come from a really, really large family so my Mother encouraged me to learn to enjoy and relish alone time.

How to Understand People said...

That's the way to go, Karen. Good for you! I love doing the same. Thanks for reading and commenting.