This "plus-size" model made history

Here's an interesting story making the rounds on the internet: a woman named Ashley Graham became the first size-16 model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue.

What struck me when I Googled the busty Graham is that she looks pretty average-looking as far as size goes. That they would label her "plus-size" is beyond ridiculous. To me, she looks healthy. If a woman with her physique were spotted on the street, I seriously doubt she'd be deemed a big girl, at least not by the vast majority of onlookers. But, of course, the standards are different in the world of entertainment.

I'm glad to see that the bony, emaciated look is finally beginning to lose its appeal. Let's not forget that, a few centuries back, plump women were actually considered more physically attractive than their skinnier peers. How did things change so radically?

While I believe thin will always be "in," it's apparent that having a little more meat on the bones, i.e., being voluptuous and/or curvaceous, is gaining wider acceptance. I've never felt attracted to stick thin women, so I most certainly am on board. (In fact, my wife can be described as plus-size.)

It's hard to believe it took this long for this issue to come to the fore, but finally, average-weight women (and even those who pack a few extra pounds) can feel beautiful without Hollywood and the media making them feel guilty about it. Indeed, we're turning a corner.

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