Hard to believe: America has THIS MANY jobs

Every now and then, I search jobs in my industry on sites like Indeed.com, just to get a sense of how many jobs are being created. If my research is any indication, the job market remains sluggish. But you wouldn't know this from the stats reported by major news outlets.

Earlier today, CNNMoney reported that America boasted 5.6 million jobs in December, slightly lower than the all-time record of 5.7 jobs set in July. The report adds that the number of job openings now is almost three times the 2.1 million available during July 2009.

During the recession, employers could pick and choose employees, as there were few job openings and plenty of available workers. Per outlets like CNN, the tables have mostly turned now: there are ample jobs but a dwindling number of workers. Unemployment dropped to 4.9% in January, the lowest rate in 8 years.

Still, I'm just not seeing a glut of jobs available, at least not locally. Perhaps the winds of change have not yet reached every part of the country.

Yes, the economy is no longer hemorrhaging jobs as it was in 2008, but there's still a lot of work to be done. To say we are in the clear in 2016 is just not true.

How is the job market in your area?


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