Some women find making out GROSS

Google "making out gross" and you'll find a plethora of websites and message boards in which hordes of women echo that very sentiment.

Here are a couple of comments made by women who find french kissing all but revolting:

"I am not a fan of prolonged kissing sessions/making out. It doesn't do much for me when it's with someone I like, and it repulses me if I am not very into the person."

"I very infrequently enjoy making out. I'm no germophobe, but the thought of someone's warm, wet salivary secretions being pushed into my mouth and back into their mouth over and over again is just nasty."

"My nose is almost always blocked so I can't really breathe when I make out...Also...It's a little boring? Like just sitting there making out? Ehn..."

"I have a slight issue with people being up in my face for too long. It makes me start to panic. So yeah, prolonged kissing can be an issue."

Interesting, huh?

Women's feelings run the gamut from finding it boring to gross to panic-inducing.

As a man, I've always enjoyed making out with women. I consider it one of the most intimate acts you can share with someone, save for intercourse. My wife knows that, aside from disrobing, a passionate makeout session is all it takes to get me in the mood.

Couples often leave intense makeout sessions for whenever they wish to engage in roleplay, which usually leads to kinky sex. But many people feel gentle kissing is more appropriate for slower, more sensual sessions.

As a relationship matures, couples find themselves engaging less frequently in long makeout sessions. Shoving tongues down each other's throats finds more appeal among couples in fairly new relationships -- you know, that stage where hormones are raging and keeping clothing on is in itself a challenge. We've all been there.

If making out is important to you, be sure to get the other person's take on it before you lunge your tongue deeply into his or her mouth. The last thing you want is for someone to express disgust at something you ultimately find fun and pleasurable.

While there's certainly no harm in going for a pop kiss, french kissing is a different story. Sure, it may eventually grow on someone, but there are no guarantees. Some women refrain from making out until they feel very comfortable with the guy.

The one thing I discourage couples from doing, however, is making out in public. When I see two people playing tongue-of-war for all to see, it gets on my nerves. It's flat-out disrespectful, especially when there are small children walking around. If you want to kiss your partner passionately, find a private place to do so and go nuts. Just don't subject the rest of us to 20 minutes of saliva exchanging.

Ladies, do you find making out gross? What other reasons might explain why women find making out unpleasant?

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