Should men ALWAYS drive?

Should men always be the ones to drive the car, or should women offer to do so once in a while?

Here's my take: A few weeks ago, I submitted a post in which I stated that men should always offer to pay in the early stages of the relationship.

However, once the pair have been together for a couple of years, it'd be nice for the woman to occasionally offer to pay for dinner, movie tickets, or something else that won't break the bank. Even if the man is well off enough to pay it himself each time, it's the thought that counts.

I bring that same line of reasoning to this post, which poses whether men should always drive. In the courtship stage, men should always offer to drive, whether it's to the beach or a concert.

Once the relationship matures, it makes a nice gesture for the woman to volunteer, especially if the day marks a special occasion (birthday, promotion, etc.). After all, is there any harm in driving a few short miles?

When it comes to road trips, how driving duties are arranged varies from one couple to the next. I've seen some couples agree that the man will drive to the destination and back. Others split the driving time so that one person drives there and the other is behind the wheel for the trip back home.

Like offering to pay for a meal or movie, offering to drive is just another way of showing that a person is invested in a relationship. My wife and I do it this way: I pay and drive, say, 85% of the time,  and her the remainder. To be honest, it's worked out well this way.

No one wants to feel like he or she does everything. Relationships, moreover, are about give and take.

Who drives more in your relationship?  Or is it more of a 50/50 split?

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