CAN'T MISS: Keys to a Healthy Life

I grabbed this from a picture someone posted on Facebook. It shows things we should/shouldn't do and consume more/less of if we are to live a truly healthy lifestyle. After reading the text, all I could say is "so true," and I'm sure you'd concur. It certainly makes for a nice list of potential New Year's resolutions for many of us:

  • Less soda, more water
  • Less alcohol, more tea
  • Less sugar, more fruits
  • Less meat, more vegetables 
  • Less sitting/driving, more walking/exercising 
  • Less worry, more sleep
  • Less anger, more laughter
  • Fewer words, more action
Everything that follows "more" is known to contribute to a healthier life. For example, sleep is certainly essential to one's well-being. Without sufficient rest, one can't think clearly, adversely affecting their work, social interactions, and even their self-confidence.

What's more, people who laugh and exercise more typically live longer lives, as many studies point out. 

The foods and drinks listed above speak for themselves. I have always loved drinking Diet Coke, but I recognize all kinds of soda -- whether regular or low-calorie -- are disadvantageous to one's health. Thus, I'm aiming to drastically reduce my intake of it in 2016.

And, of course, the final bullet speaks volumes. Words won't get you to the promised land -- it's actions that propel you to succeed.

Which of the tips listed above have you already put to work for you? Which ones do you feel you could work on?

Thanks for reading, and please reshare lest your friends or relatives may feel inspired to work toward achieving one of the "mores."

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