Do you do your business in public bathrooms?

Most people are okay with doing #1 in public bathrooms, whether at work or in a restaurant. But many people are sheepish about doing #2 anywhere other than home.

When I have to go potty, I go, no matter where I'm at. The only times I might be reluctant to take a #2 in a public restroom are when:

  • There are too many people in the bathroom (whether all stalls are occupied or not)
  • The stalls and toilets are poorly maintained (e.g. someone who used it before me didn't flush, leaving their excrement visible)
  • There is no toilet paper in sight
Doctors say it's a bad idea to hold the urge in until you get home. If anything, you could to a nearby McDonald's and use their restroom during your lunch break. If the urge strikes even sooner, tell your boss you'd like to run a quick errand, or take your lunch earlier.

Many people are embarrassed to have a bowel movement in a public bathroom for fear that unpleasant smells or sounds emanating from the stall will be detected by someone else, who might then spot you once you come out.  

But that's what bathrooms are for. There's no need for timidity as far as regular physiological functions are concerned. We all have them. As long as you're not disrupting anyone else (say, by passing gas intentionally), there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

What's your viewpoint? Are you embarrassed to use public bathrooms for any reason? 

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