Are you tired of seeing this man in the news?

Can you take a wild guess as to whom I'm talking about?

Yep, it's Donald Trump.

Whether I'm watching TV, listening to the radio, using Facebook, or reading the newspaper, Trump continues to saturate all media. We're either forced to look at his bizarre hair or hear him talk someone down in his usual bombastic manner.

The man is entertaining, I'll give him that much. If he were to host a talk show -- mind you, I watched every season of "Celebrity Apprentice" - I'd be the first one to watch it.

But that's just it. He's part businessman, part entertainer. I don't feel he's fit to be President of the United States.

I've never seen the media zero in on a celebrity or politician to this extent. He puts Kim Kardashian to shame!

It's clear that Trump helps the network garner higher ratings, which is why -- despite all the vitriol he spews out -- they continue to cover him.

This is precisely why I look forward to the primary election and seeing whether Ted Cruz (or whoever trails Trump at that point) can deliver a huge upset.

Do you feel as tired of seeing and hearing Trump everywhere as I am? Why or why not?

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