Women check out OTHER WOMEN more than men?

According to several studies, not to mention a slew of dating advice websites on the web, women scope out other women more than they do men at places like the mall, gym, and grocery store.

Obviously, they don't "check" out other women in the same way and for the same reasons as they would a man.

While men couldn't care less how other guys look -- and, yes, they do take to the gym to ogle the opposite sex -- women essentially compare themselves to each other all the time. They size up each other's hair, clothing, bodies -- you name it. Depending on the person, she'll either admire or envy other women ambling around with, say, bigger breasts or prettier legs.

So why would women spend so much time paying attention to these details?

For one, all women know how much effort goes into getting dressed up, staying in shape, and so on. So when they see another woman who seems to have gotten it right, they take notes. Perhaps they want to emulate the woman's hairstyle, or they picture themselves in the cute dress she's wearing.

It's interesting to consider that, on any given day and in any given context, both sexes could have their eyes locked on women. It's certainly a reality check for guys who immediately assume that women are checking them out. Little do they know that the women are probably looking at the blonde bombshell next to them.

Ladies: Do you spend more time scoping out other women than men?

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