SHOCKING: Many men's New Year's resolution is to...

Does it surprise you that many men say their top New Year's resolution is to sleep with as many women as they possibly can?

Not only have I heard a few guys say this firsthand, but I've seen many cite this as their primary aim in 2016 in message boards featuring topics on New Year's goals.

All I can say

Of all the things these guys can do to improve themselves in the New Year -- from losing weight and finding a better job to spending more time with loved ones -- they're only thinking about adding to their sex partner tally.

Maybe it's time they aspired to something greater, like actually finding someone to settle down with. Sleeping with as many partners as you can hardly seems like a New Year's goal; rather, it's something you can really set out to do, well, whenever.

I see the New Year as the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Upping your sex partner count merely seems like an effort to perpetuate an old habit -- one that should have probably been shaken off years ago.

My advice to these guys is to aim higher, especially those who are so dumb as to be contemplating having unprotected sex. Why do something you most certainly will regret later on? Start the year off on the right foot, for goodness sake!

Have you ever met someone who says they aim to sleep with more people in the New Year?  What'd you make of it?

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