Many people don't feel good about themselves unless...

Many people don't feel good about themselves unless other people make them feel that way.

They need others' validation in order to be happy and maintain high levels of self-esteem.

This is most unfortunate.

You should seek no one's approval but your own. The second your happiness hinges on what others say and feel about you, you've given them complete power over you. Why would you do that?

What good does having others love you when you don't love yourself first?

The bottom line is that no but you knows your true worth. No one will know or appreciate your talents, quirks, and innermost feelings like you will.

Thus, true happiness comes from within. It begins with you. Sure, it always feels good to receive compliments from other people. But let's be realistic, folks: Those heaping us with praise can turn their backs on us at any moment.

Yes, we need to maintain some semblance of a social life in order to live as well-adjusted individuals. But that in no way means we shouldn't feel good about ourselves unless our relatives, friends, or co-workers validate everything about ourselves -- our appearance, our beliefs, our lifestyle preferences.

There should be no better high in life than getting your own stamp of approval. You are your biggest ally in this ever-changing world.

Don't care so much about what others think of you. Their opinion should pale in comparison to your own. After all, they'll never know you as well as you know yourself.

Life is too short. Love and help yourself as much as you can. True happiness emanates from within.

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