Donald Trump is ON FIRE - Can anyone stop him?

For the past five months, real estate magnate Donald Trump has led all but two national polls of the Republican national primary.

On Wednesday, a CNN/ORC poll found him with his largest lead yet: a 21-point advantage over Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who himself has been surging in the polls of late. Trump was up three points from CNN's last survey in November.

Many people are still asking themselves how this bombastic businessman could maintain frontrunner status this long.

Trump has sold much of the Republican primary electorate on his ability to tackle the issues most concerning to Americans, with the economy and foreign affairs among them.

Perceptions of his electability, favorability, and strategy on key areas have all improved considerably over the past six months. In many of these cases, he has seen dramatic shifts with the GOP electorate.

Here are some of the findings:

  • In December, 72% of registered Republicans view Trump favorably compared with only 51% who viewed him favorably in June
  • 46% of Republicans think their party has a better shot at winning the presidency with the brash real estate tycoon as the nominee. In August, that number was at 38%. 
  • 57% of Republican voters now think Trump is best suited to handle the economy compared with 20% right after he announced his candidacy 
  • 55% of Republican voters trust Trump the most when it comes to illegal immigration. Back in June, only 14% of them felt this way.
  • In August, 32% of GOP voters felt Trump would handle ISIS best. In December, 47% of the voters think he's best qualified to deal with the terrorist group.
How do you feel about Donald Trump's continued success in the polls?  Do you think he should now be considered a shoo-in for the Republican nomination? Do you feel he has a shot at beating presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton? 

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