Woman completes college exam — while in labor!

A pregnant mother enrolled in college courses wasn't going to let labor get in the way of taking a college exam.

Tommitrise Collins went into labor on November 12, and her sister posted a photo on her Facebook page showing Tommitrise in a hospital bed with her laptop open in front of her. Apparently, her contractions were three minutes apart, but that did little to deter her from completing the test.

The post has been shared more than 14,000 times. Shortly after finishing the exam, Tommitrise delivered a healthy baby girl, weighing 7 lbs, 10 oz.

Without a doubt, this woman's dedication to her studies is commendable.

But some people assert that pictures of people in labor have no place on Facebook. They feel such content is personal in nature and should be kept out of the public eye.

I think some people go great lengths to keep people apprised of everything going on in their lives -- and sometimes they may step over the line a bit.

What was Collins' sister motivation in posting the photo? To show her sister's level of commitment to her studies? I'm sure those closest to her already know her to be a great student, so the picture is probably superfluous.

Maybe posting a picture of her computer screen displaying a final grade of A with the caption "I achieved this while in labor. You can do anything you set your mind to" might have been a better alternative. Still, the fact it has been shared so many times already shows the picture still resonated with many people while leaving some others a bit dumbfounded.

Do you think posting pictures of someone while in labor is going too far?  Where should people draw the line when it comes to privacy?

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